Qualitative treatments and patients’ safety are central to the BSPC. Patients expect that everything is done to guarantee their safety but they lack the proper means to know if the clinic they have chosen meets those safety criteria.

who we are

The Belgian Society for Private Clinics has been created to inform patients about their right to safety. We also offer support and information to private clinics. We promote a culture where patient safety is guaranteed by qualified staff and ongoing learning processes.

our goal

The media often talks about private clinics in a negative way. In our surrounding countries, the definition of a private clinic is well established and known. In Belgium however, there is no clear legal definition. So called "private clinics" are booming, not taking patients’ safety into consideration. Sometimes, treatments are being performed with no respect of essential safety standards or precautions and therefore exposing patients to higher risks.

The Belgian Society for Private Clinics guarantees that its members meet the safety and hygiene standards set. Only those who invest in training, quality, safety and infrastructure can become a member of the organisation.

In cooperation with experts the BSPC has created “the BSPC safety mark”. This safety mark contains the most essential criteria a clinic has to meet in order to promote quality healthcare in a safe environment because safety is a basic right for every patient!