Een greep uit de criteria

  • Consulting rooms should be separated from operation room(s)
  • Clinic should be available by phone 24h, 7 days a week, even on Sunday and on public holidays
  • Qualified staff
  • Generator and/or UPS available in case of power outage
  • Walls, floors and ceilings are washable and easy to maintain
  • Traceability in sterilisation (autoclave)
  • Operating area is equipped with necessary anaesthesia devices
  • OR meets S3 standards
  • Air filtration and purification
  • Anaesthesia only performed by anaesthetist
  • Presence of a defibrillator
  • Heart monitoring
  • Clear separation of medical waste
  • Medical gases only available to qualified staff, external storage
  • Independent audit
  • Procedure for prevention of infection in the OR
  • Regular maintenance of all medical devices, medical gases, etc.